Advanced Placement, Java – Step I

This two course AP series, focuses on preparing students to give the AP Computer Science A (APCSA) exam. APCSA is equivalent to a introductory college level course in computer science. In accordance with APCSA requirements, we will focus on topics are that include problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, organization of data (data structures), approaches to processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing.


Specifically, students will learn:

  • The anatomy of a computer
  • Origins of programming
  • Conceptualizing a solution/program
  • Writing effective pseudocode
  • Data types
  • Decisions, loops, functions
  • Object oriented design principles
  • Using objects
  • Implementing classes
  • Testing
  • Safe and ethical use of computing

NOTE: A Windows, Mac or Linux laptop computer is required for this class. Chromebooks CANNOT be used.