Visual Programming, Scratch – Introduction

Fun is the best word to describe Scratch. Scratch is a beginner-friendly, yet comprehensive programming language. Complete fundamentals of programming can be learnt using Scratch, without the frustration of having to learn and remember a new programming language. This is made possible through colorful command blocks and cartoon sprites. Today Scratch (and similar languages) have grown powerful enough to operate variety of bots and hardware!


In this series of Visual Programming using Scratch (Introduction and Advanced course), we will learn:

  • Variables and data types
  • Arithmetic, comparison and logical operators
  • Mathematical functions
  • Decision structures
  • Repeat loops and recursion
  • Lists (arrays)
  • To read, store, and manipulate user input
  • To implement algorithms like simple search and sort logics
  • To conceptualize, and implement games and animations
  • To utilize algebric and geometric concepts to create fun shapes
  • To simulate a variety of STEM concepts

The primary focus of this  Visual Programming series of courses is to establish a strong programming base and demonstrate that programming can be fun! This fun course will emphasize on interactive learning.

NOTE: A laptop computer or chromebook is required for this series.