Spring 2019 Course Registration

To learn more about the courses offered this semester (syllabus, course timings, fees, laptop requirements etc), please visit https://startechbrainery.com/classes.

All classes for this semester will begin on  January 13th and meet weekly until the week of May 24th . No classes during spring break.

Based on the majority interest of students registered until now, a tentative schedule for our courses has been drafted. Should a need to revise the schedule arise, we will revise the schedule based on consultation with all attendees of any given course. Additional timings will also be added for our courses based on the number of registrants. The proposed schedule is as follows:
Java (Introduction) – Sundays 1 to 3 pm
Java (Advanced) – Sundays 3.30 to 5 pm
Python (Introduction) – Sundays 3 to 4.30 pm
Python (Advanced) – Sundays 1 to 2.30 pm
Scratch (Introduction) – Sundays 5 to 6 pm
Scratch (Advanced) – Sundays 6.30 to 7.30 pm

If the above proposed times do not work for you, please let us know your weekday evenings availability in the “Optional Message” box below.