Dr. Mohanraj Thirumalai

Technology today affects every aspect of our lives. Having been engaged in research and development of technologies for people with disabilities for the past 18 years, I understand the impact a piece of technology can bring to one's life. The purpose of this exercise of teaching to code is two fold. First, inculcate the confidence in the young minds that they can be makers and not dreamers of solutions. Secondly, elicit an interest towards technology and STEM related careers in the young minds of populations underrepresented in technological fields.

  • Hoover, Alabama
  • 908 718 7740
  • mohan@startechbrainery.com

Personal Statement

Dr. Thirumalai is a health informatics researcher who has been involved in technology development and research related to improving the health and function of people with disabilities for the last 18 years. His technology interests include web/mobile application, geocoding technologies, wearable technologies, artificial intelligence etc.